The Curtain Breeding Method

The curtain breeding method is adopted in all the snail breeding units of Touchstone and has numerous advantages, attributing to the better management of the breeding of snails and to the better sanitation facilities. The curtain method allows the snails’ excrements to instantly fall to the ground and the snails’ environment is always clean. Also, there is always good ventilation which prevents the spreading of diseases.

The use of the curtain method does not affect the life cycle of the snail. The snails can move, mate and sleep in a vertical position just as comfortable as with the horizontal position. They can even perform these everyday activities upside down. In addition, by using the curtain method, the snail breeders always have a visibility of the snails’ lifecycle (mating, birth, the growth) without having the need to bend down and to lift the pallets in order to get a better view of them, as the snails are always in plain sight. In this way, the breeders can carry out their daily breeding tasks and inspections easily and efficiently. The dead snails, which must be removed on a daily basis, are more easily identified with the curtain method. The breeders can remove the dead snails, ensuring that the snail breeding unit remains clean and germ-free. Also, the curtain breeding method facilitates the picking and harvesting of snails because you do not need to bend as it should do with the use of the pallet.

From our experience, the snail breeding with the curtain breeding method has undoubtedly various advantages that are associated with hygiene and quality but also with the daily tasks.

By faithfully implementing Touchstone Snails’ know-how, you can have about 26,000 kg in an area of 1,000m2.

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